Re: Message Number Jumping

1996-02-26 13:59:08

Thanks for the feedback.  A quick question: can I simply replace the
main 1.1 mhonarc perl file with v1.2 beta (after changing path
references) to see if it fixes the problems, or will I need to do a
full install of the new version?  Will the new version accept the
same setup (rc) files with no changes?  Thanks.

Yes.  Version 1.2 is designed to handle archives built from earlier
versions.  However, some customization features have changed.  v1.2
WILL honor settings (that are stored in the .mhonarc.db file) from
older archives, however, certain customization resources are no longer
used in v1.2.  v1.2 of mhonarc will automatically translate the
resource settings in a v1.1 archive to the appropiate new resources
used by v1.2 when updating an archive.

Some resource have been replaced with more general/powerful resources.
Therefore, if you need to make changes in how you customized things,
v1.2 may require you use new/different resources from v1.1.

Read the CHANGES file for the specifics.


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