Re: Message Number Jumping

1996-02-26 08:31:45

[I hope I remember correctly]

I think you trigger a mhonarc V1.1 bug with the -add option (sorry have
no vanila v1.1 around anymore): Assume you have a mbox with n messages
and the mhonarc seq is from 0 - (n-1). Now one new message gets added to
the mbox and you run mhonarc again with: 

   mhonarc -add -mbox mbox-file

The new message gets the sequence number 2n-1 instead of n. 
(This is fixed in mhonarc v1.2 beta.)


Thanks for the feedback.  A quick question: can I simply replace the
main 1.1 mhonarc perl file with v1.2 beta (after changing path
references) to see if it fixes the problems, or will I need to do a
full install of the new version?  Will the new version accept the
same setup (rc) files with no changes?  Thanks.


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