Re: mail filter to run before using mhonarc

1996-04-12 10:50:45
Terry Todd wrote:

I am subscribed to some mailing lists that I would like to separate
out into their own mail files before I run mhonarc on them.
Does anyone have any pointers?  I know filter sorts out mail as
it comes in.  I would rather have a program that I can run on
a mailbox and have it sort them out.  In other words I would like
all mail from mailing list 1 to end up in 1 file and all mail from
mailing list 2 to end up in a second file and all other mail to
stay in my mailbox.  

I would suggest filter. You should be able to make it run on various 
other mail folders as with the basic usage you are just passing it 
Standard Input. i.e. you should (I don't know, I haven't tried it) be 
able to change

filter (account name)


filter (filename)

Others probably know more than I, but that is my suggestion.

Oh, and, Mhonarc is quite useful. Only shortfall fo me is a lack of 
archive searching ability. Does anybody have any suggestions for a good 
outside text file searching program? (to search the mhonarc created 
.html files)


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