Archive Searching (Was: mail filter to run before using mhonarc)

1996-04-12 16:47:25
"JJC" == Joseph J Cox <jcox(_at_)sas(_dot_)upenn(_dot_)edu> writes:

JJC> Oh, and, Mhonarc is quite useful. Only shortfall fo me is a lack of
JJC> archive searching ability. Does anybody have any suggestions for a
JJC> good outside text file searching program? (to search the mhonarc
JJC> created .html files)

You should check Achim's archive of this list.  I don't have the URL handy
but there's a pointer to it from the MHonArc web page.

I am working on a system which is loosely based on Achim's code.  Both
packages use Glimpse as the backend indexer.  You can check out my search
interface at <URL:>.  I have it running
on three of my lists and the users find it to be of immense utility.

I plan to distribute my code but I need to finish writing it and work out
any copyright issues first.
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