Re: mail filter to run before using mhonarc

1996-04-12 11:19:33
Oh, and, Mhonarc is quite useful. Only shortfall fo me is a lack of 
archive searching ability. Does anybody have any suggestions for a good 
outside text file searching program? (to search the mhonarc created 
.html files)


I'm not sure that the advantage of indexing the HTML files would be, but
WAIS does a fine job on mail spool files, and that is how I have my
server set up.  It would certainly be nice to be able to specify a
search string and go to the relevant HTML file, I agree with that, but
the other method (where you get just the text file) is OK.

I also would like to express my appreciation of MHonArc.  It's a great
program, and very valuable to me, since I run about 30 mailing lists and
use it for the archives.

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