Re: mhonarc problem under DOS, continued

1996-04-17 15:10:48
   o  What version of perl are you using?
"BIGPERL"      Perl 4.0M4 patchlevel 36       October 24, 1994
(works allright with the WEBLINT-script)

   o  What version of mhonarc are you using?
DOS/4GW Professional Protected Mode Run-time  Version 1.97

The version of mhonarc is outputed when using the -help option.
The "DOS/4GW ..." is not related to mhonarc.  From the error message
mhonarc spits out, I'd guess that you are using 1.2.0, or later.

   o  What system/OS are you using?
MS-DOS version 6.22

   o  Does the mhonarc.db file exist from your first run?

  o Since mhonarc puts its output files into the current directory
    of the current drive by default, on the second time around,
    are your default locations the same?
Just to make sure, could you browse the messages via loading maillist.html
into a WWW client package?
ERROR: Unable to read .\mhonarc.db

Shouldn't happen unless  mhonarc.db is absent from the current directory/dri

In fact, it happens only when  mhonarc.db is present in the current directory

Steve, I can only speculate since I cannot test things under DOS, but
could there be a problem with having the ".\" pathname component when
performing the require on the mhonarc.db?  Actually, since the require
of the mhonarc.db is captured by an eval, printing out the value of
$@ may give us a clue.

C.Huygen, one thing you can check is to see if the contents of mhonarc.db 
has the line


at the end of the file.  If there is not, then the file was not
completely written to disk.  This could imply no disk memory is

Apparently its presence is detected, but the program does not like it.
One of the work-arounds I tried is deleting mhonarc.db before attempting to a
That works in so far that all the new HTML-files are made, but the index
doesn't fitt
 any more. Indexing later does not seem to be possible.

The mhonarc.db file is critical in performing any future operations.
It contains all the information to properly create the indexes and
compute threading.

Have you tired using the -outdir option to see if the problem persists
when the archive is not located in the current working directory?


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