Re: mhonarc problem under DOS, continued

1996-04-19 07:19:57
Dear Steve Pacenka
At 13:35 17-04-96 -0400, you wrote:

I am the DOS porter of MHonArc so I will try to assist.  I did not
participate in the 1.2 version due to overcommitments elsewhere, and there
may be some residual problems since Earl does not have a thorough means of
testing under DOS.
So I continue the report my mishaps to you.
My mistaken answer on your question about the Mhonarc-version was
DOS/4GW Professional Protected Mode Run-time  Version 1.97
You wrote:
That's something from BigPerl.  You must be using MHonArc 1.2 since you do
not need to use the -mbox option on the command line.
 Correct it is 1.2.1  apparently.
Now about the problem: 
The original error message was:
ERROR: Unable to read .\mhonarc.db

I have a suspicion.  Try executing the second time around like this

  \perl\perl \mhonarc\mhonarc -outdir=c:\eudora -add test2.mbx

You were right, a bit. Your suggestion did not work as such, but
I got past the original error message by using the options:
-outdir "full name ofthe working directory", as suggested, but also
-dbfile "full name of the databasefile", such as c:\eudora\mhonarc.db"
Now a new error occured almost at the end: 
"Warning: Unable to create : "filename consisting of  2 fullnames added
such as: "c:\eudora\c:\eudora\mhonarc.db"."
 The index-file was no good.
For enlightment I (thouhg not knowing perl) looked at the script . Apparently
the troublesome statement was:
           eval qq%require "${OUTDIR}${DIRSEP}${DBFILE}"%;  
it results in variabele  $@  containing an error meassage that refers to a
(small letters, no slashes or other separators) and to an array @{INC}
containing among other thingd the name of a perl lib with slashes the wrong way.
I am still unenlighted, I hope you do better.

-- good luck, SP
 How right you are C.H.

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