Re: Problem with rft attachements

1996-09-16 07:30:14
At 12:59 PM 9/16/96 +0000, you wrote:
*>>>>Hendrik Klompmaker said:
*> > Hi,
*> > 
*> > I'm new to this list so I might be asking a faq. Anyway I have a problem
*> > with MHonArc 1.2.2 running on Linux 2.0.18, majordomo and sendmail
*> > 8.7.5/8.7.3
*> > Whenever I send a message to a list (majordomo) containing a rtf
*> > and convert that message with MHonArc, the rtf file is in the body of the
*> > message and not, like other attachements, converted to a linked file.
*> > The resource file contains
*> [...]
*>Well, in your example mail the RTF part is declared as Content-Type
*>text/plain. Therefore mhonarc does exactly what it should. :-) To
*>fix this make sure that the user that attaches the RTF part uses
*>      application/rtf
*>as content-type then mhonarc knows that the contents is RTF. By
*>default it will then write the file to an external file:
*>/local/mail/mhonarc > grep -i rtf *
*>mhonarc:        "application/rtf",              "m2h_external'filter",
*>Hope this helps,


Thanks for your reply (again). I found a way to control the mime mappings in
(the mappings section in the ini file). Now it sends the rtf file as
but then MHonArc seems to have some problems with this type since it doesn't
seem to
be able to retreive the original file name. The HTML page shows a link 'RTF
pointing to a file rtf####.rtf (#### is a number).
The message contains the following:

Content-Type: application/rtf; charset="us-ascii"
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="d44-21.rtf"

Does this mean that the content type etc. is set wrong in this case or is it
some strange behavior of the m2h_external'filter.


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