Re: Problem with rft attachements

1996-09-16 07:53:28
Hendrik Klompmaker said:
At 12:59 PM 9/16/96 +0000, you wrote:


Thanks for your reply (again). I found a way to control the mime mappings in
(the mappings section in the ini file). Now it sends the rtf file as
but then MHonArc seems to have some problems with this type since it doesn't
seem to
be able to retreive the original file name. The HTML page shows a link 'RTF
pointing to a file rtf####.rtf (#### is a number).
The message contains the following:

Content-Type: application/rtf; charset="us-ascii"
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="d44-21.rtf"

Does this mean that the content type etc. is set wrong in this case or is it
some strange behavior of the m2h_external'filter.

from MhonArc/lib/

    ## See if name argument is to be used
    ($nameparm) = $fields{'content-type'} =~ /name=(\S+)/i;

                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      ^^^^^

    $nameparm =~ s/['"]//g;
    $nameparm =~ s/.*[\/\\:]//;
    if ($args =~ /usename/i) {
        $name = $nameparm;

as indicated by '^'s: Mhonarc is looking for filename in Content-Type
header field and not for in content-disposition.  You may try (untested
/unverified/unproven...) to use instead 

    (($nameparm) = $fields{'content-type'} =~ /name=(\S+)/i) ||
       (($nameparm) = $fields{'content-disposition'} =~ /name=(\S+)/i);

Nevertheless think twice before you use the filenames specified in
a mail message.

P.S. 2 cents: Maybe one should store the max counter for files in
    .mhonarc.db.  Scanning directories to get the current maximum
    is be expensive for bigger archives.  Mhonarc can provide a
    service routine to for all filters like: 
           $cur_max = incr_file_cnt ($ext);
    and decr_file_cnt to catch errors.


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