storing max counters

1996-09-16 08:03:00

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996, Achim Bohnet wrote:

P.S. 2 cents: Maybe one should store the max counter for files in
    .mhonarc.db.  Scanning directories to get the current maximum
    is be expensive for bigger archives.  Mhonarc can provide a
    service routine to for all filters like: 
           $cur_max = incr_file_cnt ($ext);
    and decr_file_cnt to catch errors.

    I second this! It would also then make it easy to allow you to request
that such numbering be monotonically increasing (and therefor unique),
which I for one would find useful.
    Or perhaps I have missed this as a new feature in recent releases.
    Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated!

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