Re: Converting Majordomo Digests

1996-11-12 02:36:05
Kelly Ford said:
Is it possible to convert digests created by Majordomo using MHonArc?  If
so how?

I only saw a majordomo digests long time ago. But you may try:

1) add header field (you may use procmail and the included forhead)

        Mime-Version: 1.0
        Content-Type: multipart/digest; boundary="--------"

   Number of '-' should be the same as used in the digest to seperate
   the messages in the digest.

   This would result in one html file that includes all messages.

2) Handle each digest as a special mbox. The message separator (-msgsep)
   should be the '-------' as used in the digests.

   I have never tried this. I may be necessary to remove the digest header
   to make this work

3) write a little script that splits the digest into seperate messages or
   converts it to (proper) mbox format.


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