Sites using mhonarc

1996-11-12 12:27:59
A couple of weeks ago I wrote:
I'd like to view some good sites using mhonarc.  If you think you have
something working well and looking really good, can you please email me or
this list?

Here's the replies I got.  All sites looked clean and functional to me.  A
query, though. What is the number if parentheses before entries in an
archive?  (0) (1) and so on?  The answer must be trivial, but mystifying to
the people using the archives.

Thanks for your help.


Frederick Zimmerman <fzimmerm(_at_)ciesin(_dot_)org> and ibic/Commonplace-Book.html
They are not especially slick as far as the use of technology goes, but
I think they are interesting as illustrations of clever ways to use
mhonarc to accomplish substantive purposes.

"Eric D. Friedman" <friedman(_at_)hydra(_dot_)acs(_dot_)uci(_dot_)edu>
At UC Irvine, we use MhonArc to archive messages from our course
mailing lists.  Have a look at,
where you'll also see the custom search engine I wrote for MHonArc
Other more specialized archives are available at

Achim Bohnet <ach(_at_)rosat(_dot_)mpe-garching(_dot_)mpg(_dot_)de>
Example of glimpse and mhonarc playing together:
Indexes using <TABLE>s

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