Re: Sites using mhonarc

1996-11-12 13:07:58
Will Hopkins said:
Here's the replies I got.  All sites looked clean and functional to me.  A
query, though. What is the number if parentheses before entries in an
archive?  (0) (1) and so on?  The answer must be trivial, but mystifying to
the people using the archives.

The number in parentheses is the number of (direct) replies to a message.
This is used in the default thread index.  It is really a bit irretating
in archive if there there almost never a reply to a messages :-) or
the In-Reply-to or Reference header fields are not used :-(

[I sometimes also had the expression that  the thread index is used
instead of the main index because the thread index is more compact.]


Thanks for your help.

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