Mhonarc documentation (was Re: Sites using mhonarc )

1996-11-12 13:54:41
Achime writes:

[I sometimes also had the expression that  the thread index is used
instead of the main index because the thread index is more compact.]

Yep.  It appears many do not take advantage of the customization
features and/or reads the docs to figure out how things are and how
to make changes (I concede that the docs can be overwhelming due
their size).

Writing the documentation takes as long (maybe longer) than developing
mhonarc.  It is hard to get motivated doing the documntation when
it appears that a minority of users actually read it.  v2.0 will
definitely add much more to the already 80 pages of documentation.
Is there a brave soul out there who is willing to help in the
maintenance of the docs?

It appears I will not be able to author docs the way I normally do
at my new employment.  The source files are authored under FrameMaker
for Unix, and there are no FrameMaker for Unix software where I
work (to the best of my knowledge).  Now I am debating on how
to maintain the docs.

Regardless of the authoring format, I have been considering making
the docs all reference oriented and rely on the FAQ and this list
to provide usage guidence.

Comments welcome.


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