consolidating old mail

1996-11-12 21:37:22
HI there,

I'm very new to mhonarc (loving it).  My question is:

Is there a method built-in to mhonarc to automatically take older
mail (say from last month or whatever) out of the current index
and thread list, and move it to another directory, file or whatever?

You've seen what I mean...Archive sites often only list the most
current notes on the index and then archive them into other files
based on date or whatever.  This way you don't keep making your index
file bigger and bigger until its HUGE (thousands).

I could do this manually once a month, or write a script (would 
rather not if I don't have to), so I thought I'd check and see if its
built-in first.  DIdn't find anything in the documentation about it.




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