Re: consolidating old mail

1996-11-13 00:19:20
On my system, all mail is put into mailboxes, then every 10 minutes, I
call mhonarc with the -add paramter using the script's -update option.

Just out of curiosity: why not use slocal or procmail (my preference)
to store a copy of the mail in the mailboxes and pipe another copy 
directly to mhonarc, with switches indicating what the -outdir should
be and which -rcfile to use?  

This is how we do it on our system, where one account maintains 
hundreds of separate mhonarc archives.  TMTOWTDI, of course, but
I'm just curious about what prompted your decision to use a separate
script w/ 10 minute batches.

Many thanks,

Eric D. Friedman

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