Re: consolidating old mail

1996-11-13 06:56:09
"Detlef Ruschin" said:
On 13 Nov 96 at 12:42, Achim Bohnet wrote:

An (approximate) solution with not too much coding would be to use a
mail filter (like procmail).  Each mail send to the list is archived
in an mbox on a ,e.g., monthly basis).

I use MHonArc with procmail and considered to do that but didn't know 
how (not an experienced UNIX user). Could you give a hint how a 
procmail recipe achieving this could look like?

Here is what I use in .procmailrc to archive the mhonarc list:

NEWDATE="`/usr/bin/date +%Y-%m`"
* ^Sender:.*owner-mhonarc@
        :0 c

        :0 c
        | /local/mail/mhonarc-1.2.2/mailarchive -add mhonarc "$NEWDATE"

Mailarchive is nothing more than a wrapper around mhonarc with my long.
list of options.

P.S. Procmail itself comes with an example manual page. It's worth
     looking into it.

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