Re: News Article - Reference..

1996-11-12 15:32:19
Just another idea might worth checking into.. 

By using Javascript one can what version of Netscape client
is using..depending upon client you serve your HTML pages
frame or non frame version.. The problem is you will end up
having two version.. 

This can also be avoided by using javascript in rcfile..I am
positive that one can do this .. this way you can also avoid
using CGI which cost servers extensively.. 

I believe the RCfile is the key issue here you can do a whole
lot than you can imagine.. For example in my case I am using 
rcfile to generate files that are used by me for admin is etc..

When I get my rcfile finalize I will send you folks a copy..


Earl Hood wrote:

Has anyone come up with (or given any thought to) hacking up an rcfile that
can present both frame and non-frame views?  I really like browsing with
both the index and the message visible, but don't want to cut out the
non-frame-capable folks.

 - J<

I do think there is a clean way to do it.  Since Netscape does
not support frame content with frame specifications, life becomes
unnecessarily complicated.

You can utilize the OTHERINDEXES resource, but you will still be
required to define mutliple (redundant) links for message files for
frame and non-frame users.

The approach that may work is performing dynamic message editting.
Each link would be a link through a CGI process that will serve up
messages editted according to the client in use.  The problem is
mhonarc is not currently implemented to support this directly, and
performance may be an issue.  Something for me to consider for
later releases.

If only doing a 2 frame view, you can probably get what you want.
Doing what the demo does is tough since links have to point to
frame documents.  However, if all you use is a main document to to
define the frames then the TARGET attribute values will be ignored
ny non-frame clients and links will behave like the norm.  I.e.
The HREF values for the index pages will link to msg*.html pages and
not frm*.html files.  Do not try to put the navigational links in a
separate file/frame but keep then with the message page.


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