Suggestions Please!

1996-11-14 10:09:28

I am about to convert the following newsgroups..

+ Local Newsgroups.* (About 400 Newsgropus..)

Now I would like to make my life easier in the future when I do
updates (Updates will take place once a week..) Current Plan includes

Converting News

Making maillist.html (With MH 2.02 using subset of 30 msg per list there 
will also be a search input box on top of each maillist.html giving the 
user option to search that specific newsgroups or the whole

Making Theads.html same as above. 

Otherindex.html (Based on News date - this I thing will be static HTML
page created by me most probably which will have links to various 
maillist.html files or theads.html file..)

Now question is This is easy to do but HARD to maintain..I mean I can't
imagine how hard only....-:)

Well is there any easy way out.. ?
What are the things that I can do to make things automated.. 
What will be a good search tool for this purpose.. (Please note I have
thought of doing it with glimpsehttp but it's not available in 
What will be a good way to organize my directory structure.?

Any hints or your previous experience regarding this will be very 

One of the big problem I am having is lets say I run mhonarc on 
Newsgroup comp.infosystems.. I would like Mhonarc to drill down and 
look up various subdirectories under comp.infosystems.. I know
I can do this using some sort of batch script.. The problem is 
each of this comp.* has 1000 sub news groups which is a very painfull
situation -- Cause I have to know the directory sturcture.. 

If someone already have solved this problem .. would you be kind enough
to share your script and rcfiles...


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