News Article - Reference..

1996-11-07 10:22:56

Hope you all find this information helpful..

News Article Conversion to HTML (Specifically WINNT + Netscape
News Server 2.1)

Mhonarc's default value for separating and identifying msg is
^Form (Which is the first line of almost any e.mail)..In the News
articles its a bit different. and that is 


So if anyone uses the default value with -mh or -mbox option news
articles don't get converted. At least from NT..

But As Mhonarc (The Killer Program) always gives the users full
options to modify almost everything.. (Thanks to Earl)..By using a
-rfcfile you can index News Articles..Just add the following 


in your rfc file and your done. One thing make sure you use the 
-mh option..

Few of my own Wishlist for MhonArc (Maybe this are already possible
I am not aware of it)

1. I have converted 3000 news article last night. And the maillist.
html is a huge list.. I wonder if it is possible to create 
maillist0.html, maillist1.html ....... as a subset of 25 or 30 articles.
and give the user a option to browse from one list to another.. I
know I can convert 30 files each time but it's not the best solution.

2. Same goes with the threads.html file..

3. It would be nice to create a web based Mhonarc administration tool.
You know you click a few buttons fill in few feilds here and there and
it creates a batch file or something that you can also run from the 
web. You should also be able to delete files you know all the rfcfiles
functionality.. And all cool stuff.. Mhonarc its self is cool but I 
think it could be even cooler..

4. This needs to addressed I have found very little example on rfcfile
documentation (Not like the quick start manual) .. I think some litte
example will help out a big time for the first time user.. 

Thanks to Earl and Achim for the support throughout my News conversion.



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