Re: help with uuencoded attachments

1996-11-05 10:58:51
Herndon Elliott said:
This problem may well be cue to my lack of understanding, so I hope
someone will explain a solution to me if there is one.

I have a large archive of NNTP (MH) messages which I have exported to
HTML using MHonArc.  The NNTP archive is an INND archive running on a
Linux host.  My problem is this - most of my messages contain
attachments, and the majority are separated by a simple line like the

Begin 644 caper.doc


Begin 755 briefing.ppt

This is not a MIME attachment.  To solve your problems it is
necessary to change m2h_text_plain'filter subroutine to make it
aware of embeded uuencoded file(s).  An uudecoding subroutine is already
in mhonarc (at least in v2.0a2). 

If you really start hacking the text/plain converter get mhoanrc v2.0a2
because it changed much between v1.* and v2 alpha
The NNTP clients (newswatcher and Agent) have not problem decoding these
attachments, by MHonArc doesnt recognize them as attachments at all.  
Also, some of these are posted in rather small messages, so the message
has many parts - the subject of the message will be:

{some subject text} - document.ext (0/5)


{some subject text} - document.ext (5/5)

Is there any way to correctly export this archive and extract the
documents intact?  MHonArc seems to do a wonderful job with the MIME
headers, but I gotta fix it for these old headers!  Any help would sure
be appreciated!

I would try to convert them to proper MIME messages before feeding them
into mhonarc.  Because several messages are envolded it is really hard
to do the guess work in mhonarc itself.


Herndon Elliott
Redstone Arsenal, Alabama

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