Re: First time user problem

1996-11-05 10:54:56
One problem daunts me though, when I try to run mhonarc from within a Dos
Box in win 3.1 (65% resources / 13299 kb virtual memory),  I get the
following dump:

DOS/4GW Professional Protected Mode Run-time  Version 1.97
Copyright (c) Rational Systems, Inc. 1990-1994
NGetOpt 1.13 -- called from main
ERROR: Unable to access .

This means that mhonarc does not have the proper permissions to access
the current directory (the "." represents the outdir location which
is the current directory in this case).  Mhonarc checks that the
OUTDIR is readable, writeable, and executable for the process to
verify that it can do its job.  Apparently, one (or more) of
the tests are failing.

Not familiar with DOS/Windows access priviledges, I am unsure why
the message occurs.  I'd figure there would be no problems since
DOS does not have the concept of file permissions.


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