Re: First time user problem

1996-11-04 09:34:07
I am a first time user of PERL attempting to use MSDOS MHONARC 1.2.3 (also
for the first time).  In trying to convert a 150000 byte mbox from Eudora to
Hypertext I run out of memory. I have tried using the -savemem opetion: I
get all messsages converted into HTML files but no thread.html and other
files. I read in the PERL documentation that I am supposed to be taking
advantage of all memory available by a. using extendend memory and b. using
virtual memory (ie hardisk).  Any hints?

Not familiar with MSDOS memory management, so I can provide
little help there.

One thing to try is to split you mbox into smaller mboxes and run
mhonarc on each of the smaller ones separately (do not forget to use
the -add and -savemem options).  A simple Perl script can be written
to split a large mbox into smaller ones for mhonarc processing.


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