Re: First time user problem

1996-11-04 23:27:27
Thanks for your help. I have now realized that the problem stems from lack
of hardisk space - i.e. I recompacted my HD using Norton Utilities and
maanged to add inalmost twice the messages before the out of memory message.
If I am to follow the neccesary implication, I should realize that I need to
replace my old 386 5Mb (1.5 Mb smartdrive - rest is XMS) CPU for something
better :-)

One problem daunts me though, when I try to run mhonarc from within a Dos
Box in win 3.1 (65% resources / 13299 kb virtual memory),  I get the
following dump:

DOS/4GW Professional Protected Mode Run-time  Version 1.97
Copyright (c) Rational Systems, Inc. 1990-1994
NGetOpt 1.13 -- called from main
ERROR: Unable to access .

I am using Perl Kit, Version 4.0 at least at patchlevel 36

Thansk in advance

Manuel Arroyo

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