Re: First time user problem

1996-11-05 11:08:40
That "unable to access" message is one I can't find in MHonarc 1.2.1 source
or documentation (don't have 1.2.3). I think it is either from an error when
trying to enumerate files in the current directory (".") (are you sure you
specified -mbox ?) or from trying to open a file in the current directory
with an empty name.

Could the the actual command-line invocation be given?   The message
is related to accessing OUTDIR.  Plus, mhonarc 1.2 and later auto
detects if the input folder is a directory or file so -mbox, or -mh,
is unnecessary.

The outdir check is done early on so one of the -x, -r, -w file tests
are failing.


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