Re: First time user problem

1996-11-04 11:31:42
At 05:04 PM 11/3/96 -0300, you wrote:

I am a first time user of PERL attempting to use MSDOS MHONARC 1.2.3 (also
for the first time).  In trying to convert a 150000 byte mbox from Eudora to
Hypertext I run out of memory. I have tried using the -savemem opetion: I
get all messsages converted into HTML files but no thread.html and other
files. I read in the PERL documentation that I am supposed to be taking
advantage of all memory available by a. using extendend memory and b. using
virtual memory (ie hardisk).  Any hints?

I've converted Eudora mailboxes over 1 megabyte with Mhonarc under DOS 5/6
(+BigPerl 4) and Win95 (+NTPerl).  You should be able to handle your Eudora
files with the right configuration of DOS and Perl.

Could you please state what Perl interpreter, DOS version, and MS Windows
version (if applicable) you are using?  Also state whether or not you are
running in a MS Windows DOS box.

If you're not running inside MS Windows, state how much free XMS memory you
have.  (chkdsk command.)

If you're running BigPerl 4 and plain DOS, how do you have virtual memory
configured?  The default BigPerl 4 configuration is not to use any virtual
memory, just physical extended memory.

-- good luck, SP

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