Re: Newbie Question!

1996-11-05 10:48:47
Problem Comes If i do the following.. Try to index a news file.. 
I have attached the news article for you all to look at.. 

Anyway I am running MHonArc 1.2.3 on WINNT 3.51 and my news
server is Netscape News 2.1.. 

The News Directories are like..

Newsgroup Name
              Sub NewsGroup (If Any)
                      Article (If Any)

Msg are stored in Numeric ( You know 1, 2, 3 etc...) 

Mhonarc does not go down subdirectories (a reasonable feature to
add in a later release).  What you can do is write a front-end script
to go down a directory and call mhonarc on each of the subdirectories.
Simple example using the find program:

    find path/to/news/directory -type d -exec \
         mhonarc -add -outdir path/to/archive {} \;

I have tried to convert them in html MhnoArc replies No new
msg.. I have used the add option.. I have also coppied a News
file and named it Inbox just to test .. It still did not work..
It does not send me an error msg but It simply just say No Msg..

Mhonarc will check message ids to make sure it does not archive
existing messages.  You might want to verify that there are new
posts that do not exist in the archive.

After that I have tried the following ..I fwd the news article 
to my mailbox using netscape news.. Then I try to convert my
Inbox in to Html and it worked.. The News group article was
identified like the following..


Article Converted in HTML (Perfact No Conversion Problem)

-- END Include 

Netscape creates its own message header and makes the article an
attachment.  Hence, the message id of the article is not used by
mhonarc since it sees the id added via netscape.


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