Re: Newbie Question!

1996-11-05 11:47:20
Zaheed Haque said:
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Sorry For the attachment thing! Well there are my new findings..

As I have mentioned before I was not able to index news article..
Attachment 2 is the actual news article directly from the news
servers spool directory. Do give it a try to index..

Attachment number 2 is a saved copy of the news using netscape news
reader save option.. And the funny thing it Mhonarc converts it right
away.. No Problem.. 

I tried to convert your two example news messages once as mbox and
once as a file in an mh folder:

        mbox    mh

1       no      yes

2       yes     yes

The only failure I got with message 1 as an mbox file. The reason is
the missing 'From ' line at the beginning.  Adding 'From test' or only
'From ' as the first line to message 1 makes mhonarc convert it 
succesfully (tried mhonarc v1.1.0 and v2.0a1).

Hope this helps,


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