Re: Newbie Question!

1996-11-05 10:29:44
Zaheed Haque said:

Thanks for the tip I got the -rcfile working.. No prob when I index 
mail files.... 

Problem Comes If i do the following.. Try to index a news file.. 
I have attached the news article for you all to look at.. 

Anyway I am running MHonArc 1.2.3 on WINNT 3.51 and my news
server is Netscape News 2.1.. 

The News Directories are like..

Newsgroup Name
             Sub NewsGroup (If Any)
                     Article (If Any)

Msg are stored in Numeric ( You know 1, 2, 3 etc...) 

I have tried to convert them in html MhnoArc replies No new
msg.. I have used the add option.. I have also coppied a News
file and named it Inbox just to test .. It still did not work..
It does not send me an error msg but It simply just say No Msg..
After that I have tried the following ..I fwd the news article 
to my mailbox using netscape news.. Then I try to convert my
Inbox in to Html and it worked.. The News group article was
identified like the following..


Article Converted in HTML (Perfact No Conversion Problem)

-- END Include 

Any Clue What I am doing wrong when I try to index them by it self..

mhonarc used the Message-id field in the header to determine if
it has processed a mail earlier.  Check the news files and the
mhonarc.db file.  

It would certainly help if you append an example news
message as you announced :-)


Thanks  again for your help..


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