Unsolicited Commercial Email (Was: (empty subject))

1996-11-05 10:05:02
Philippe Schnoebelen said:
I have been running a quite successful worldwide mailing list for more than
1 year.  Today I am considering using MHonArc and making an archive of all
posts to the list easily available through the WWW.

When I discussed the idea with other members of the mailing-list, some of
them expressed a strong concern about the possibility of receiving UCE
(Unsolicited Commercial Email) just because their address was made
available worldwide through the archive.

This problem is best addressed with the mailing list software. Majordomo
(at least 1.94) allows you to configure tabu_* regular expression for
subject and body.  Any mail that match one of the regular expression 
bounces to the list-owner (by default).  Additionaly I would suggest
to allow only postings of people that are subscribed to the list.

I share this concern.  Is there a known way to make the archive & not allow
such abuse ?

If an UCE nevertheless slips through you can remove messages for a
mhonarc archive. E.g. remove the message with archive number 12 (in
the current directory):

        mhonarc -rmm 12

If you later plan to rebuild the archive you have of course to remove
the corresponding mail also from your the input mail box.



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