Re: Newbie Q? - Message Jumping

1996-11-14 10:25:11
I've recently set up two mhonarc pages, on one of them (the one which
recieves considerably more traffic) I am seeing message numbers jumping
between 120-160 each time the cron runs.

I looked at your archive, and the message number jump increases
in size each time.  I noticed a pattern.  The message jump size
can be determined by checking how many messages get added to the
archive during each invocation of mhonarc.  Here is a list
of message of some message number jumps with the jump size and
the number of messages added during the add:

Number jump             jump size       # mesgs added
1458 -> 1574            116             9
1582 -> 1707            125             4
1710 -> 1839            129             6
1844 -> 1979            135             8
1986 -> 2129            143             5
2133 -> 2281            148             ...

If you will notice, if you add the jump size to the number of messages
added, that will give you the next jump size in the table.  At least
the problem is consistent.

If you know Perl, you might want to add some debugging output to
it to see where the problem is occuring.  The routine to check out
get_last_msg_num().  It is called if an add operation is invoked and
is responsible for determining what should be the first next message
number during an add.  Also check the $NumOfMsgs and $LastMsgNum
variables as they are used.

Since I cannot replicate the problem, it is hard for me to see
what the problem may be.  Message numbers are assigned before
messages are deleted due to maxsize.  So it is hard to see how
setting maxsize can cause the problem (but I would not rule it
out since the culprit is unknown).