Re: rsrc vars, etc

1996-11-14 10:47:58
I have been trying to customize my mhonarc page setup with the rsrc file
but just can't figure it out.  I would like to be able to specify the
index title, thread index title and the first headings of each of those
pages on a per-case basis (each time I run mhonarc).  I can set the index
title with -title on the command line, but it won't let me do a -idxtitle,
for example.  If I could figure out how to specify this in the rsrc file,
I'd be willing to create a different rsrc file for each of the seven lists
I want to archive but I can't even figure that out.

Using -title actually sets the $IDXTITLE$ resource variable.  This
variable is used withing the IDXPGBEGIN resource.  For thread, it
is -ttitle, $TIDXTITLE$, and TIDXPGBEGIN, respectively.

Among other things, I've tried setting a variable in the rsrc file like

(After <IDXPGBEGIN>)...


This does not work.  If you want to set the value of $IDXTITLE$, the
following works:

My Title

Or, use the -title command-line option or the M2H_TITLE envariable.

and then doing <title>$IDXTITLE$</title>

but this doesn't work.

The parsing code for the rcfile is simplistic.  You must have the
tags on separate lines.  Example:


BTW, you setting would cause the title to be "$IDXTITLE$", literally
(or a possible recursive loop).

How do I set variables in a rsrc file?

Some variables are not meant to be set, but some can be as mentioned
in the documentation.  You can define your own in v2.0a2.

Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way.  I have seven lists, all
versions of on one theme.  I've managed to pipe each list into a
file/directory structure based on the list and month it was recieved.

In my procmail script I run mhonarc once the mail has been added to the
file.  It is at this point, based on which list I'm mhonarcing, that I
want to be able to put the version in the index/thread title and header.

In v2.0a2, use -definevars to define custom resource variables as
determined by which archive you are processing.  Use those variables in
your resource file for setting the titles, or other desired resource.

    mhonarc -definevar 'MYTITLE="mhonarc list"' -add ...

And in the resource file:

$MYTITLE$ Archive


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