Re: rsrc vars, etc

1996-11-14 05:54:08
benjamin grosser said:

Newbie question...I apologize...

I have been trying to customize my mhonarc page setup with the rsrc file
but just can't figure it out.  I would like to be able to specify the
index title, thread index title and the first headings of each of those
pages on a per-case basis (each time I run mhonarc).  I can set the index
title with -title on the command line, but it won't let me do a -idxtitle,

-title or $M2H_TITLE or <TITLE> =>  $IDXTITLE$

It's always a good idea to grep mhonarc.txt. Try it the first match gives
you the solution.

for example.  If I could figure out how to specify this in the rsrc file,
I'd be willing to create a different rsrc file for each of the seven lists
I want to archive but I can't even figure that out.

I use -title -ttitle to set the title and main header for the main and
thread index, repectively.  Everytime you run mhonarc you can specify
other values.  

You may also try mhonarc v2.0a2. It allows you to define
your own variables that could be used in a resource file like, e.g.,
$LISTNAME$ (use -definedvars and <DEFINEVAR> see CHANGES file).  This
should be enough for the most cases to use only one resource file.

Among other things, I've tried setting a variable in the rsrc file like

(After <IDXPGBEGIN>)...

and then doing <title>$IDXTITLE$</title>

but this doesn't work.

I will not work but you should at least use :-) this

My title

After all the right way is

My title

How do I set variables in a rsrc file?





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