Newbie Q? - Message Jumping

1996-11-13 20:04:28
I've recently set up two mhonarc pages, on one of them (the one which
recieves considerably more traffic) I am seeing message numbers jumping
between 120-160 each time the cron runs.

The cron runs four time a day at 4:08, 10:08, 16:08, 22:08

In the cron I have the following:  -maxsize 200 -add -quiet -outdir <path>
I used -rcfile resource.txt once at the command line, and it maintained the
information in the .mhonarc.db file as mentioned in the FAQ.

A copy of the resource file is located at:

I noted this discussion (message jumping) came up in Feb '95, but it was
attributed to an error in v.1.1  The fix in the bug was to download 1.2.1 
We are running v1.2.2 

This problem only recently began to develop in recent days, and the archive
has been up for weeks.  No other archives on this system are having this
message jumping problem, but I'm the only one using -maxsize and I'm also
the most active list using mhonarc currently.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

My archive is:


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