threading not working possibly bad headers or extractions

1996-11-13 09:10:04
I am trying to set up the archive for my first mailing list with MHonArc 1.2.3
and while playing with a few test msgs, I noticed that followups to
existing mails are not recognized and are, therefore, not listed as such 
in the threads.html listing. I have read the FAQ :-) and the msgs seem
to contain the correct In-Reply-To: headers. Indeed when I peeked at
.mhonarc.db, I saw that it contains the Message-IDs I was looking for,
But then I noticed the definition for %Refs, which most likely stores
the references extracted from the In-Reply-To: headers. And they are wrong,
for example:

'847838174^\4', 'maeder(_at_)mathconsult(_dot_)ch',

instead of a message id. The reason is apparent if you look at the header
from which this information was extracted:

In-Reply-To: Message from Roman Maeder <maeder(_at_)mathconsult(_dot_)ch> of 
"Mon, 11 Nov
      1996 17:39:19 +0100" 

it extracts the contents of the first set of <>!
Is this header illegal, or should mhonarc be smarter?

Roman Maeder

MathConsult Dr. R. Mäder                   Aryanastrasse 21
Mathematik- und Informatik-Beratung        CH-8704 Herrliberg

T: +41-1-991 6343                          maeder(_at_)mathconsult(_dot_)ch
F: +41-1-991 6345                

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