Re: How Do I ?

1996-11-12 03:03:32
Zaheed Haque said:

If I move my converted msg (Just the msg not mhonarc.db or mhonarc.lck)
from it's -outdir to a new dir.. Can I still be able to use the -add
method to add more msg to my -outdir. Without loosing msg integraty..

No. When you receive a new message the last message of the archive is
updated (adds/modifies the [next] link).  The similar updates happen when
the new message contains references to other messages already in the
archive (In-Reply-To: and References:).

But you have another problem:

The mhonarc.lck file is created by mhonarc to prevent simultanious
updates that would break the archive consistency.  When mhonarc exists
this file is deleted.

Therefore if this file exists mhonarc aborted abnormaly.  Try to convert
the archive again interactively and check the messages writen to the

You may try perl -c mhonarc.db to check it the mhonarc.db
file is still parseable by perl.

What version of mhonarc/perl/OS do you use?  Some old mhonarc versions,
e.g., did not correctly handle correctly a "'" in a message id.



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