Re: How Do I ?

1996-11-12 10:02:41

If I move my converted msg (Just the msg not mhonarc.db or mhonarc.lck)
from it's -outdir to a new dir.. Can I still be able to use the -add
method to add more msg to my -outdir. Without loosing msg integraty..

(Note: .mhonarc.lck is temporary.  If it hangs around, then mhonarc
abnormally terminated.  Check your archive and delete the file).

Now, to your question:

No.  If you move a message file from the archive (via an external
program like 'mv'), mhonarc will not know it is gone.  If you do
an add, mhonarc will probably aboort as it tries to open the
missing file (if the file is targeted for editting).

What you can do is "copy" the message file.  Then remove the
message from the archive via the -rmm option.  You also may
want to look into the -single option for converting individual
messages to HTML.


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