Larger messages missed by conversion

1996-11-15 18:51:07
In using MHonArc to convert message folders, found that larger messages end
up missing from the HTML-output.  In a test with a folder of 100 messages,
the four largest ones, ranging in size from 10,303 to 27,415 bytes, were
the ones omitted from the conversion; the next smaller one, 9,364, and all
smaller were converted OK (is there something magic about 10,000 bytes of
message size?). I saved those four to a separate folder, and when MHonArc
encountered that one, it just "said": "No new messages".  Any leads or
suggestions (that don't involve programming ;-) would be appreciated ... 

  Stefan Kramer                   skramer(_at_)cac(_dot_)washington(_dot_)edu
  Network Information Center
  Computing & Communications        University of Washington    

P.S.: I'm using Pine 3.95 and MHonArc version 1.1.0 (I know, not the latest
;-) on Ultrix, the folder in question is in Tenex format, and I'm
specifying (because of the Tenex folder format):

        -msgsep ',\d{4};\d{12}$'

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