Re: Running mhonarc straight out of /etc/aliases with Majordomo

1997-01-13 02:06:40
William Denton wrote:

I joined the list a few days ago because I'm not running Majordomo on a
new machine and would like to get some web->mail action going, and MHonArc
looked like just the ticket.

The lists that are being archived start a new archive each month.  I could
run mhonarc on them monthly, but that means delay and some shell scripts.
What I'd like to do is add an extra pipe in /etc/aliases so that every
incoming message, aside from going to the archive mbox, is added into the
mhonarc archive.

However, I can't get it working.  I have this:

test:           "|/home/majordomo/wrapper resend -l test test-list"
test-list:      :include:/home/majordomo/lists/test,
        "|/usr/local/bin/mhonarc -add -thread -rcfile
     /blah/mhonarc.rc -outdir /blah -dbfile mhonarc.db" 

And all I ever get are more unknown mailer error 2s.  A similar thing
works fine off the command line, so I don't know if it's sendmail, mhonarc
not liking the pipe, or what.

When you start a program from sendmails aliases files it runs (normally)
as daemon.  Therefore mhonarc is not able to update the files in your
archive area (I guess they are owned by you).

It looks like this list is being handled this way - does anyone have a
sample pipe they could show me?  I searched through the archives and found
a way to use a personal .procmailrc to automate addition, but that
wouldn't be a very good solution here.

Changing the owner of all files to daemon should fix it.  But IMHO it's
like asking for future trouble.  As soon as you update/modify the files
you may change file ownership and/or protection so the daemon use is not
able to update/create files.

A better aproach would be to modify majordomos wrapper command or something
like sudo (?) to change the owner of the mhonarc process to whatever UID
you use to access the archive interactivly. (Now guess why I used procmail
in my personal .procmailrc to feed the archives here :-)



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