Re: adding subject to mailto: url

1997-01-27 09:02:49
 > When someone mails the author of a message, I'd like the subject of the
 > e-mail be the subject of the message.  I've spent several hours modifying
 > the source with no success, and experimented with the -mailtourl option.

Specifying headers in the mailto URL is not standardized up to now.
Nevertheless you can do it with netscape and it's build in mail tool with:


To get something like above, define the MAILTOURL resource as


Note: you cannot get the CC address.

Since there is no standard way to specify subject and other fields
in the mailto URL, you may need to rely on a HTML form that
is dynamically generated by a CGI program.  Example:


The CGI program would create a form with the appropriate fields
defined based on the arguments passed to it.


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