Re: mhonarc

1997-01-30 08:58:05
I am currently locked up with a 'syntax' error in the mhonarc perl script.
I do not know perl so I tried various things, removing lines or moving
some. Here is what I have. (BTW I did not make any change to it).

You must be trying 2.0 alpha 2.  There is a couple of syntax bugs in
the release (legal Perl 5, but not Perl 4).  Fixes were listed in
the mhonarc mailing list, so you can look for them in the mhonarc
mailing list archive.  A search engine is available for the

You might be better off sticking with v1.2.3 until v2.0 beta, unless
v2.0a2 has features you really need.  Also, v2.0a2 does not document
the new features.  v2.0 beta will contain an updated document set and
bug fixes from v2.0a2.

    ## Set modification times -- Use eval incase OS does not support utime.
    if ($MODTIME && !$SINGLE) {
      eval q{
Change to '%', w/o the single quotes.

          $tmp = &get_time_from_index($index);
          @array2 = split(/$X/o, $Derived{$index});
          grep($_ = $OUTDIR . $DIRSEP . $_, @array2);
          unshift(@array2, $filepathname);
          utime($tmp, $tmp, @array2);
Change to '%', w/o the single quotes.

The other error will is in


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