1997-02-03 12:48:51
I'm currently defining/programming an interface on MHonArc. I'm also
considering to build an additional 'index on author'. According to the
manual, this has to be done by the 'OTHERINDEXES' resource. However, I 
cannot find
any further directions in the manual.

My question: Is there anybody who has experience with building another 
(beside the default date and thread), preferably on author. I would be
grateful if you could supply me with any examples or further information on 

how to proceed.

     Here at Industry Canada, we too would like to have an Author based 
index. We started looking at it doing it for the 1.2.3 rev. of MHonArc, but 
have suspended work until 2.0 goes out of Beta, when we will re-evaluate 
which version we want to modify.

     Alternately, if you are willing to collaborate on this, I am sure that 
our development people would love some help, as well as contribute back into 
the freely available software community.

     Farrell McGovern
     Webmaster, Sysadmin,
     Electronic Conferencing
     Industry Canada, Government of Canada

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