Re: Examples on OTHERINDEXES

1997-02-04 15:02:30
 If you need any help from the local Ottawa community, let me know - an
Authors index would be useful at FLORA as well.

     I am talking to the people here, and there is a willingness to work on 
this project, and if need be, host a mailing list/website to support the 
creation of an Author index. As well, as soon as I convert my configuration 
files over, and clean them up, I will also contribute a setup to allow 
English and French indices. I have that setup for 1.2.3, but it would make 
more sense to have it for the new version. If the kind author of the subject 
of this conference could give us some pointers as to what would be the best 
way to modify MHonArc, we could supply diffs and configurations for both an 
Author index, and a bilingual (English/French) version.

     If anyone is staying with the older version, that is 1.2.3, and is 
interested in the mods and config files to generate French, email me, and I 
will send you examples of the config files, and diffs to be applied against 
the distribution...Unless Mr. Hood would rather I didn't. They aren't 
pretty, but they work.

Sure, pass them along.  I am guessing the diffs apply to the
generation of an author index.  I am curious if you do a simple
string compare of the effective value of the $FROMNAME$ variable,
or if you are trying to detect last names and sort by that.  If
the former, I can add in the support without diffs.  Otherwise,
heuristics are involved, and I'd like to see your diffs.

Hopefully, no code diffs are required for French supprt.  I am
hoping that alternate languages can be managed by resources.


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