Re: Undefining IDXSIZE once set

1997-03-07 13:59:53
I'm having some trouble with IDXSIZE- I set it to 35 while experimenting
with multi-page indices, but now that I've turned them off it's still
stuck on 35, and I can't set it back to the original "unlimited"
default. Running mhonarc with "-idxsize 0" doesn't work; apparently it
doesn't set $IDXSIZE internally since $opt_idxsize tests as 'false'. I
know I can do it in a resource file but I'm going to be calling mhonarc
from cgi scripts so I'd like to keep things in the command line.

Its a bug.  Mhonarc should use the defined() routine to check
the opt_idxsize variable since 0 is meaningful.


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