Problems setting up marc-search

1997-03-08 19:47:22

I have started to convert my discussion list archives using "mhonarc"
and I am impressed. 
My archives are very long and I want to include a search option and I
tried to setup "marc-search" but unfortunately without success. I
allready checked the emails on the list on that topic and I have tried
to adjust the setting according to the recomandations given but all what
I get is the script loaded as a regular text in my browser. Executing
the script from the command line (to see the error messages) give the
following message:
The archive has not been setup correctly! Sorry!

Well, I am not a programmer so I may have to start somewhere down.
Please let me know if this was correct:

I have placed the cgi script into the archive directory. Could it be
somewhere else?

I have replaced the path so it points to perl

#! /usr/aix3-PD/bin/perl 

my $server = '';
could be "" but doesn't seam to make a differenz.

my $help = $server . '';
SHould be added later - may this stay free for the moment ?

my $doc_root = '/kww/www';
According to the mail I have read this should be the path to the
root directory of the www server ?
I have problems with this section: The above absolute path would we
the URL of:
The complete absolute address of the file "index.html" in our directory is:

my $script = $server . '/kww/www/irrig_l/db/marc-search.cgi';
my $cgilib = '/kww/www/irrig_l/db';

I downloaded the "" from somewhere (v 1.2 , 1996)

Does the program require the "maillist.html" file ?

I want to search in more archives (every month one) so is it possible to
search in all aerchives (ddirectories)?

Any help would be appreciated



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