Re: Problems setting up marc-search

1997-03-10 14:01:37

Thanks to your long answer which I guess will help me to get it to run.
Couldn' try it yet , s. below.

: I have placed the cgi script into the archive directory. Could it be
: somewhere else?

This will not work, and explains why you're seeing the script loaded
as regular text in your browser.  You must install it in a 'scriptaliased'
directory, which is to say, a directory that has been designated
in your web server configuration files as a place for cgi-scripts.
On many systems, this is simply
but you should check with your server administrator to find out for certain.

Thats what I did (asked our administrator) and he told me why it 
didn't work. Its not directly accessible (including Perl 5) and he has 
to do some configuration hopefully tomorrow. I thought I'll try tonight 
but I have to postpone it.

: my $help = $server . '';
: SHould be added later - may this stay free for the moment ?

Yes.  If you produce a translation of the help file in German, I
would be very grateful for a copy (which I could then make available
to those who are interested).

I was looking around for your help file and I am sorry I couldn't find
it. Give me a chance and I will have a look at it !

: my $script = $server . '/kww/www/irrig_l/db/marc-search.cgi';

Again, this needs to supply the path for the script in a scriptaliased

What does it actually mean "scriptaliased". Is it a section configured
in the httpd server to allow for execution ?

: I want to search in more archives (every month one) so is it possible to
: search in all aerchives (ddirectories)?

At present you can only search one directory at a time.  Multiple
directories is somewhere on my to do list, but since I personally
have no need for this, I'll confess that it's near the bottom.

As I am still in the stage of setting up my archives I would like to
have some useful suggestions on how to achieve, as I don't want to
invent the weel again. I thought of creating monthly archives 
(similar to what Achim did on ).
an make them searchable as a whole.
Achim is using different directories for every Month with the index.html
as a start (Index by date). You told me that marc-search doesn't allow
to search different directories.

Could you point me to an archive which has marc-search implemented ?

Thanks again


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