Re: Problems setting up marc-search

1997-03-11 05:13:18
: Thats what I did (asked our administrator) and he told me why it 
: didn't work. Its not directly accessible (including Perl 5) and he has 

mhonarc runs with perl4, but marc-search requires perl5 (mostly for
multi-dimensional arrays).
: I was looking around for your help file and I am sorry I couldn't find
: it. Give me a chance and I will have a look at it !

You will find several hundred archives at  (and so on)
and at
where might be the most interesting.
All of these have "Search this archive" links that will fire up marc-search.

: What does it actually mean "scriptaliased". Is it a section configured
: in the httpd server to allow for execution ?

It's a directory designated in the httpd config files to allow for

: Achim is using different directories for every Month with the index.html
: as a start (Index by date). You told me that marc-search doesn't allow
: to search different directories.

I think Achim is using glimpse, which has a lot more muscle than
marc-search.  That said, see my recent post to the list, and do let me
know how you plan to organize your archive. While marc-search will
never be a match forthe raw power of glimpse, it may be possible to
make it somewhat more intelligent by allowing searches of, say, all
the januaries in the archive but none of the other months.  Or more
realistically, archives from just half of a year or from every other
month in that year.  This would be hard to do with glimpse, though
perhaps not impossible.

: Could you point me to an archive which has marc-search implemented ?
See above.

Eric D. Friedman

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