Re: Problems setting up marc-search

1997-03-14 08:33:11

I am sorry but I still have problems to get it to run. I could get a few
things clearded by now but I am still not at the goal.

According to Eric D. Friedman:

: to adjust the setting according to the recomandations given but all what
: I get is the script loaded as a regular text in my browser.

: my $script = $server . '/kww/www/irrig_l/db/marc-search.cgi';

Again, this needs to supply the path for the script in a scriptaliased

Our system admin told me that the following URL is scriptable and I have
put marc-search.cgi into it so it should work now:

What about the cgi libraray ""?
in which directory should it be placed ? I have put it into
the same like like the script, okay ? or should it be located
in the "/usr/lib/"  (the admin would have to place it there).
( The cgilib is:  $cgilib = '/usr/lib/libPEX5.a' )

Does the content of the must have something like
in the first line pointing to perl ?


The other version you pointed at and I have dowloaded it does not have
it just saying:
# Perl Routines to Manipulate CGI input
# S(_dot_)E(_dot_)Brenner(_at_)bioc(_dot_)cam(_dot_)ac(_dot_)uk
# $Id:,v 2.14 1996/10/20 12:41:02 brenner .... 

and so on.

Starting the Script
As I am NEW to this I followed the instructions in the Script itself
described under "Usage". I didn't understand that as I think there
should be an execution from a FORM which probably was assumed that
every body knows. I implemented it in the way described with a regular
LINK pointing to marc-search.cgi which did not work. So I had a look at one 
of the archives and had a look
at the source and have adjusted them to my needs and implemented now
the following lines in the "maillist.html" of the archive.

<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=ArchiveDir VALUE="/kww/www/irrig_l/db/1997/01/">
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=BaseHref 
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=Index_URL 
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=Index_Name Value="irrigation-l 01 und 02 1997">
<INPUT TYPE=Submit NAME=Submit VALUE="Start Search">

Now at least it is executed but ends in a error:
"501 Not Implemented
 We are sorry to be unable to perform the method POST to non-script at
 this time or to this document."

I have done some minor changes to the settings but without success.

Actual settings of marc-search.cgi
my $server = '';
my $help = $server . '/kww/index.html';
my $doc_root = '/home/www';
my $script = $server . '/kww/cgi';
my $cgilib = '/usr/lib/libPEX5.a';

Example I am trying to run:

(its not the final layout :-))

Oranising different archives:
I have started to set up my archives in the following way getting two
monthes in one archive.

January and Febr.:

March and April:

June and July:

and so on.

Referring to your previous question I think it is much easier to name
the months by numbers rather using ../january/ ../february etc.

It would be really useful if I could scan all archives which would be
bejond the directory lets say ../1997/... or even better beyond 
../db/.. (s. also above).

I hope I get that search sorted out and would appreciate any comments.

Thanks for your time


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