Re: mhonarch for X-sun-attachment

1997-03-14 08:51:05
I gave mhonarc a test spin yesterday and it works great for
regular text mail generated by unix mail or mailtool (Sun's).
However, it has difficulties with two types of mails:
1) those with attachments (for Sun's, this is X-sun-attachment)

X-sun-attachment is not MIME and it is proprietary.  You
can always create your own MIME filters to handle X-sun-attachments.
I have no personal incentive to write the filters myself, so
someone else will have to contribute.

BTW, you may want to check out comp.mail.mime FAQ.  I believe
it lists a filter that translates mailtool messages into MIME

Also, other users of mhonarc (see the mailing list) may
have done some work with mailtool.

2) mails with nested included mails.  For the first case,
viewing the html message says that mhonarc couldn't process
X-sun-attachment.  For the second case, the mails get
separated into two or mails.  Are there any plans to
revise mhonarc to address these two cases?

This is covered in the FAQ.  Look at the CONLEN resource in


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