headers at head of page is a problem

1997-03-08 20:08:02
My name is Al Gilman and I make trouble on the lynx-dev mailing
list where the developers and users of the Lynx WWW browser 

I am trying to understand the configurability of a MHonArc
archive.  I think I have a problem.

Please refer to 

 Linkname: Comparison of email archive format options

for what I would like to see in a message-page layout and why.

As I understand it, where the documentation describes the message
page format as

  Message page resource layout





        Converted message header  <<< This is generated HTML that
                        -- can't be relocated, suppressed, or redesigned


        Converted message body




This is a major inconvenience, as I understand it, for blind users
accessing the Internet through a text-to-speech converter.

Am I correct in my interpretation of the programmability and 
non-programmability [outside of hacking the MHonArc Perl itself]
of this page layout?

Is there anyone operating an installation which leads off with
(author, title, date) [only] before the body?

Al Gilman

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